For the past 20 years, Karima has been actively promoting and sharing Middle Eastern Dance as an ongoing student, performance artist, and teacher.

With a solid background in dance training and beyond, she presents a multitude of dance stylings which are derived from different regions of the Middle East (be it from Classical Orientale or Folkloric) as well as more modern, fused styles.

As an established Journalist, Karimah's interest in this art form began on an investigative, recreational level in 1993 at a school specifically for Middle Eastern Dance (Freddy's Dance Academy); where she became completely immersed and captivated by belly dance and its surrounding culture for the next 10 years. During that time, she became a teacher for the Academy as well as other centres and a high school, a performer for the Arabian Sahara Dance Co and the Al Khaima Dinner Theatre, performing every weekend for many high profile events in the GTA.

Karimah continues to learn within and outside this art form, which (in addition to her wonderful family) she believes is the "spice of life". Today, she is largely inspired by live and online teachings/programs offered by world reknowned Keti Sharif (ongoing). In addition, she has studied extensively with Jihan Farouk, (learning Egyptian rhythm, drumming and dance), and American Tribal Style (ATS) with Valizan. She has also attended a great deal of intensive certificate courses such as Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals, Laban Movement Analysis (ongoing), professional fitness instructor training, licensed Zumba instructor training, Pilates instructor certificate training, Some past workshops include experiences with Aziza (3X), Audra Simmons (2X), Orit Maftsir, Neefa of Khafif, Alana Miller, Dr. Bashara (learning basic maqam for dancers), and practicing (Vinyasa Yoga primarily) with Julie Sumerta and Katie Black. Karimah also continues her own research pursuits to expand understanding of dance, its culture and "movement" on all natural, somatic levels; believing that guiding people toward dance is an important, healthy therapy to counteract the damaging effects of modern-day-influenced, mechanical movement.

Her artistry has given her the honor of performing or conducting workshops for a number of  functions as a soloist and with groups (Ancient Moves Dance Company, Bahlam Raks Project), including: Tillsonburg's Festival of Music, Brantford's International Villages, Delhi's Harvestfest and Natural Living Festival. In addition to gala events such as: Kids Can Fly Gala (Troy), Mish Mash Belly Bash (Guelph), WOW Fun Seminars (Paris), Cancer Awareness (Brantford and Caledonia), Hipnosis Gala (Burlington), as well as other elaborate functions, family celebrations, festivals or cultural theme restaurants throughout the years. She has also participated with broadcast and print media for the goal of promoting this dance as an art form.

Karimah has gained a number of accolades for her moving performances and classes but is particularly fond of the people who have shared winning moments with her. From the lovely bride and groom, left happy at their wedding reception ... to sharing glances of excitement with her dance partners and students as they feel the roots of the dance from within. A celebration of life... a love of the art to share.

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Keti Sharif (Dancing with the Elements) July 2016
Ishra (flamenco/belly fusion) 2015
Johara of BellyUp (Egyptian shaabi) 2014
Sahar (Karen Hunt in belly dance choreograpy) 2013
Keti Sharif (belly dance and Farida presentation) 2012
Valizan (American Tribal Style (ATS)) 2007 to present.
Faith Dances (chair dance & bollywood) 2009 to present
Beccy and Kelly (Zumba) 2011 to present
Jihan Farouk, (drumming, movement and folkloric dance) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Katie Black (Yoga) 2011
Cassandra Fox (Caribbean fusion)  2011
Julie Sumerta (vinyasa yoga) 2009 to 2011
Fran Welsh (salsa) 2009, 2010 & 2011
Gerri Lambert (Zumba) 2009
Amber (hip hop) 2009
Audra Simmons (modern fundamentals) from the Dark Side Studio in Toronto, 2009
Rhaehana Dances (stage presence in dance) 2007
Tahira Badre (veil) 2005
Eddy Manneh (Anatomy & Psychology of Belly Dance) from Freddy's Dance Academy in Toronto, 2002/04
Owner, Artistic Director
Ancient Moves Dance Company & Studios
Brantford, Ontario
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