Established since 2003, our dance company actively promotes Middle Eastern Dance as a performing art as well as a highly entertaining social dance that has been shared for centuries. The dance company performs for weddings, parties, gala functions, charities, etc., with a wide repertoire of dynamic dances that will engage your guests and authentically represent an ancient art form; helping to make your party or event a special one to remember!

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You can hire members of the dance group either as a soloist or group performances. Each show can be created to suit your needs Here is a show outline and price structure to help you; keep in mind these are professional dancers who offer family-friendly performances. The Bahlam Raks Ensemble does NOT participate in bachelor, all male parties, or the like:

Belly Gram - $125 CAD: A mini-performance by one dancer (about 10 to 15 minutes in length) which comes with a special message from you, delivered by the dancer. What better way to express your good intentions to a guest of honor?!

Full Belly Dance Cocktail (ideal for weddings and special functions) - $200 CAD for a soloist up to $500 CAD for three dancers: A solo or group performance is generally done with a 6 to 15 minute performance by the dancer(s);  followed by respectfully inviting guests to dance as well (optional). It may also include choreography with finger cymbals, candles, swords, cane. The dance can be concluded with an exciting drum choreography and finale. The entire show can last up to 45 minutes depending upon number of dancers.

Lesson and Demonstration - $150 CAD: Usually done at girl parties or bridal showers, this is a guaranteed way to show your guests a good time! One of our qualified teachers will get everyone up to dance, while explaining each move in a fast, easy and fun way (for approximately 20 minutes). This is generally followed by a belly dance solo of approximately 10 minutes in length.

Restaurants/Night Clubs - $150 for 25 minutes plus $75 for one additional performance within 30 minutes of the first show. At the very core of our art form is mutual respect among professional dancers. In an attempt to maintain performance "standards" for these venues, the pricing should not fluctuate too much if you are hiring a true professional.

Charity Events/ Fundraisers/ Artistic Collaborations- if you are a fun group, please enquire, we'd love to participate!!

PLEASE NOTE: these prices may be adjusted depending upon travel time, expenses and number of dancers and sets. Be ready to provide important information about your event, such as date, time, location, and type of show preferred (there are many different types of belly dance, please state your preferences, i.e., Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, Greek, modern, classical, etc...).

Recent Testimonials:

Karima helps get the blood moving with her easy movements drawn from Middle Eastern Dance. She has inspired hearts and bodies when she is putting on demonstrations and lessons for festivals that I am part of. These are outdoor events where people wander around and stop every now and then, but men and women of all ages, even children, are drawn to the shake, shimmy and undulation of Karima's body as she inspires people to join in and learn about this dance. Dianne Clark, Festival of Music 2006/2007/2008.

It was a great time! I heard from so many of my guests that they had such fun!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ... When we have our summer BBQ, we want to have you back again. All my best, Kathy, 02/08.

Dear Karima and Samiha: I appreciate... your participation in my daughter's wedding. Your performances certainly warmed up our celebration, and from what I saw and heard, everyone enjoyed your dancing very much. I felt everyone was involved and pleased. All the best and warm regards, Manuch, 04/07.

Dear Karima: Thanks so much for your well wishes! We enjoyed your performances very much and so did our guests - they're still talking about it. The best part is how you engaged the guests and encouraged them to dance. For many, it was the highlight of their evening. Thanks again for the great show and best of luck in your future endeavours. Hopefully, our paths will cross again! Lisa and Hamza, 04/07.


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Let's Dance!

Interested in joining the dance group? We welcome more dancers to the group. As a part of a team, you fulfil the required cirriculum to honor the dance, attend rehearsals regularly as well as learn the signature dances for upcoming shows; and of course, share your love of the art form with your dance sisters! Anyone interested is to contact Karima directly through email at: